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February 19, 2016
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Professional Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing 

Professional Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing contractors are hard to find. Sometimes it may seem hard to tell wether a window cleaner, or pressure washing contractor is a true professional or not based on a single phone call, but with this simple checklist and explication it may be a little easier. Always ask about insurances, always.


  • Are uniformed and friendly
  • Wear name badges or identification cards
  • Use systems and processes, and can explain them to you. ( not just shooting by the hip.)
  • Have been through and can explain their training
  • Give you a fair price
  • Have a company website and is easy to follow and appealing
  • Has a company telephone number
  • Offers free and genuine advise with out promising the world.
  • HAS INSURANCE and can prove it!


  • Wear street clothing
  • As cheap as possible
  • Broken down car or vehicle
  • Don’t have references or a website
  • Use their personal cell phone as their business phone
  • Make promises they can’t keep

I know it may be hard to disguise a professional from a non, but the biggest key is to just keep asking questions, make sure you always ask for insurance, and don’t be afraid to reach out to their references.


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