How Important is Gutter Cleaning, Really?

How important is gutter cleaning?

Gutter Cleaning supports a well maintained home. In this article we will discuss the importance of gutter cleaning, why they should be cleaned and how often gutters need cleaning.

A gutter system helps make sure that the rainwater sliding down the roof and is carefully disposed off down the drain. It is natural that leaves, twigs and other debris accumulate in the gutter from time to time. Some homeowners tend to ignore gutter cleaning until the gutter completely breaks down. When the system is clogged, rainwater stays stagnant and in winter, freezes. This causes ice damming and lots of damage costing homeowners thousands upon thousands of dollars every year

When your gutters are not cleaned regularly, the debris will continue to accumulate, and the gutter structure suffers due to the weight, and may even collapse if left unattended. The water and debris in the gutter may serve as a nesting area for rodents, birds and mosquitoes. You can observe superficial damage due to the clogged gutter on the paint and brickwork of the house. It makes it difficult for you to step in or out of your house without being greeted by a shower of rainwater flowing down the roof. It may cause water to pool around the foot and foundation that affects your house structure. The residual dampness may support the growth of mold or insect infestations, which in turn, affects quality and hygiene of your living space. When the gutter is clogged, it naturally causes the water to overflow. The surrounding fascia board is exposed to this water too, and it is not uncommon for the roof structure to suffer as a result of this. This may cause the ceiling to develop stains or bloat due to the water. If any electrical fittings or wires are located close by, they are susceptible to damage as well. The damages that ensue due to improper or irregular gutter maintenance have drastic effects on your house structure, which may have you shelling out more money on renovations than you would have to simply get the gutter cleaned in the first place.

There is no hard and fast rule on how often you should clean the gutter, although some prefer doing it during autumn and spring. Autumn is certainly a good time to get the gutter cleaned, as it is likely that all the leaves shed by the surrounding trees cause it to clog otherwise. You may want to pay attention to the surrounding trees’ conditions to determine how often your gutter should be cleaned, although having it cleaned thrice a year should have you covered and keep your gutter debris-free.


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